Why This Post?

Over a week ago I posted on Linked with a reshare of a post by Corporate Rebels which had the image below on it

So far (and for anyone who knows me it won’t surprise you that I know this!) This has had 

  • 110 reactions

Which by some way is my highest ever viewed post on Linked In which led me to the question Why this post?

It was clear from the comments that this was a post which clearly resonated with others and indeed the reason for my reshare was that I had definitely worked with people  in both categories and have felt the pain of working with those who focused on self promotion. 

There was also an emotional response to this post – it evoked something in people and took them to a time either past or current when they had been in this space. Indeed there was a sense of a connected felt experience, maybe a chance to join a tribe or an expression of a feeling that had been repressed inside – these are my best guesses. 

Why did it evoke such a reaction? For me work is an integral part of who I am – the way I approach my work is important to me as is what I achieve. I have always been at my best inspired by doing meaningful work where I can bring my skills and abilities to the fore. I have an emotional connection to L&D – I am passionate and interested in it and can often be found topping up my knowledge outside of work in all kinds of ways. My friends and family are used to me on days out taking photos and saying ‘That will be good for our Slack Channel’ or ‘I can use that in a presentation’.

However, I am not always the best at selling myself whilst in a role – conversely I appear to be able to do it outside of a role having held a number of fixed term contracts so I do love a good interview. In the role I am with Emmeline Pankhurst and I focus on ‘Deeds Not Words’ preferring to let my activities and outputs do the talking for me. Potentially this is because by nature I am an introvert and recharge with time for myself – nothing makes me happier than being curled up with a good book and a coffee. This recharging gives me the energy to do my role – facilitate workshops, coaching, talking to people etc. 

I came across the term ‘Hidden Labour’ at the end of last year (apologies as I can’t remember from where) and it refers to the thinking part of work – not always seen but as important as the outputs. For me ‘Hidden Labour’ is a thought process – I love a knotty problem and thinking things through which writing this blog usually helps with. For example I spent a large part of last year thinking about happiness which resulted in my I Just Want to Feel blog.

Do I need to shout about my achievements more? Sometimes – although I know when others do it frequently it can grind my gears. I  am trying to – although Helen Bailey Award Winning Leadership Development Consultant is never going to sit comfortably with me – although tis true!

Maybe there is a lesson here for L&D generally as well – recently I have been thinking a lot about Evidence Based L&D and in particular Kevin M Yates assertion that L&D people who like to analyse data are like unicorns – rare. If we are as a function going to shout about our achievements then for me it should be focused on measurable achievements, solid facts – some substance rather than style. Although a little bit of style always helps get the message across.

Given that many of the people I interact with on Linked In are L&D/HR Professionals, maybe that contributed to the reaction, who knows? As always thanks for reading and let’s make a commitment to shout about the things that we are really good at and to paraphrase Pink Floyd ‘Shine on You Crazy Diamonds!’


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